A typical day

Morning (AM)  

  • 8am – Children welcomed into the setting. Breakfast provided upon request.

  • 9am – 12pm – Free flow play and learning activities  
    Children free-flow play in the morning, independently selecting toys and resources from the shelves. A range of activities are provided both indoors and outdoors in the garden or on an outing to the local park, farms, reservoirs, nature reserves, art gallery, library and museum. Learning activities are planned on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting the individual needs and interests of each child as according to the EYFS. These include storytelling, art & craft activities, music and nursery rhyme sessions and nature based activities. Montessori activities include practical life, sensorial, mathematical, literacy, creativity and knowledge and understanding of the world. 
  • 12pm – Lunch-time  – lunch-time is either in the dining room and children can help prepare and tidy up afterwards or we may have a pack-up lunch outdoors when on an outing or in the garden.

  • 12.30pm/1pm – Nap-time if required. Children can lie on a mat with a blanket in the living room. Babies can be rocked in the pushchair for nap-time. Child sleeping preferences will be discussed with parents before child commences at setting.  

Afternoon (PM) 

  • 1pm – 4pm – Nap-time or free-flow play.
    Babies and young children nap in the living room. If children are not napping then they can play in the dining room/playroom while the other children nap.
  • 4pm-6pm – Tidying up and getting ready to go home. Tea-time is offered around 4.30pm.

Indoor learning activities 

Outdoor learning activities