My home setting

The dining room has a variety of toys, books, craft and Montessori learning materials that allow children to develop knowledge and skills as according to the principles and learning objectives of the EYFS, while closely following the Montessori philosophy of “following the child”. 

The dining room has a window looking out on to the garden
Activities are laid out for the children where they can access them independently. Toys and activities are rotated on a regular basis according to the ages and learning needs of the children.

Bookshelf with a variety of books and story baskets

The garden

The garden is a safe and secure space for the children to play and develop in all the areas of the EYFS including the development of physical skills, mathematical understanding and knowledge and understanding of the world. It includes play equipment and toys, water and sand play, a mud kitchen, playhouse and a variety of planned activities to meet children’s learning needs. We grow fruit and vegetables and have a wild garden where we plant wildflower seeds. 

Garden with a mud kitchen, play equipment with slide and swing and a playhouse
Garden with vegetable planters and a wild garden with bird feeders, bird boxes, herbs and wildflowers
Seaside theme tray in garden
A seaside tray set up in the garden for the children to play with

Sustainable setting

My home setting provides a range of activities and resources that will give children a wider knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live. This includes developing a sustainable setting with minimal use of plastic, such as using mostly wooden toys and recycling materials, such as re-using materials for craft activities and junk modelling. Children can help to make bug hotels, bird boxes and bird feeders to place in the wild garden.  Loose parts, including natural loose parts such as shells, sticks, pebbles, leaves and pine cones are used to enhance children’s play and learning.

Montessori sandpaper numerals and shells used for mathematical activities